Iconic Doctor Jennifer Walden Returns To Texas

Jennifer Walden is one beautiful and talented cosmetic surgeon. She has been featured on ABC and several different talk shows such as Vive magazine. One place you may not expect to read about her is the airlines magazines but she is appearing in an article in the American Airlines Magazine that sits in the back of every seat on the plane. Jennifer prides herself in giving the public important and updated information as it comes out. She is very good at what she does. She helps others see the best of themselves by offering non-invasive procedures such as Botox and Laser. Opening a new satellite office was important to her after she moved back home with her sons.

Jennifer and her twin sons moved back to Austin Texas in 2011. She spent over eight years in New York working and teaching. Her experience as a teacher has helped her get ready to be a media commentator and television speaker. Jennifer has won many different awards from the American Women’s Association and American Society of Plastic Surgery. She has also achieved the exclusive award of being one of the Best Beauty Surgeons in America.

Sometimes people believe that men have unrealistic expectations when it comes to women and their genitalia. They believe in tightness, moisture, and size. If you ask a man to tell you about a woman and her genitalia they may say that women do not care about things like orgasms and their ability but this is not true. Jennifer Walden speaks out about these issues and other sensitive issues when necessary. She has many different times that she gives talks and helps people by answering sensitive questions. Some of the most common myths discussed are that women do not care how their genitalia appears, that they do not care about orgasms and that men have the belief that women have to be tight to be enjoyable. As a medical doctor Jennifer is able to discuss a variety of sensitive topics as they come up. She is happy to be back home in Texas and Texas is grateful to have her back home.


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